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For winter sport activities


Whether standing or prone while shooting, a stable base is essential for accuracy during any biathlon event. Our mat is made of a soft PVC finished fabric that will provide a slip resistant connection between the participant and the snow. Over ½” in thickness, it provides excellent cushion for the knees and elbows of the prone marksman.

Designed with snow in mind, the dark grey color is perfect for attracting solar energy to melt any snow accumulation. Coupled with the color, the surface has drainage holes to allow melted snow to drain, leaving an ice and water free surface for each participant.

Soft closed-cell PVC will not absorb water and will not be affected by freezing/thawing cycles.

We offer two mat sizes: 5’ x 6’9” (150cm x 200cm) and 6’9” x 6’9” (200cm x 200cm)

For more information about volume pricing and availability,
please call 800-NON-SLIP or write


For more information call 800-NON-SLIP or Write